Stevia Hellas practices are pioneering sustainability, innovation, and growth in the stevia industry.

Organic Cultivation

We use non-chemical methods for stevia cultivation. Our leaves are organic and pesticides free.

Zero Waste

The residues of the cultivation, e.g. the stems of the plants, are used for livestock feeding and as a natural fertilizer.

Natural Resources Preservation

We save water & resources, through irrigation and precision agriculture.

Healthy Soil

We ensure that our stevia plants thrive in a nutrient-rich and balanced soil ecosystem, by employing practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and organic fertilization to enhance soil fertility and structure.

Planet & People

We, at Stevia Hellas, are actively engaging with local communities, supporting social initiatives and fair trade practices, ensuring the welfare of our employees and fostering positive relationships with our farmers and stakeholders. We, are taking a proactive role in preserving the environment and the natural resources, while at the same time we nurture a better fututre for the next generations.


of plastic, is being re-used every year. No new plastic appliances or farming equipment is being bought.


Of the raw materials we use, are locally sourced.


Of our employees are women. We believe in gender equality.

From Tobacco To Stevia

From our Cooperative's humble beginnings, to a revolution of sustainable transitioning to stevia cultivation, our strong collaboration with PMI Papastratos "Nea Gi".

Sustainability Plan

Our overall goal is to optimize our farming & production towards sustainability. Working on this goal, we have developed our 'SUSTAINABILITY FOR ALL' plan, focusing on innovation and collaboration.