By cultivating stevia through organic farming methods, we ensure that our customers can enjoy stevia leaves and extracts that are free from harmful chemicals, while also supporting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious agricultural system.


Dry Stevia Leaves Production Process



Sowing seeds is the most common method for stevia plants growing. We sow our seeds in greenhouses under specific humidity and temperature conditions, ensuring that the seed trays will stay moisturized and grow into healthy plants. Stevia seeds typically take around 1 to 2 weeks to germinate.


Field Transplanting

Commonly in late April or early May and once the stevia seedlings develop their first leaves and are large enough to handle, they are transplanted directly to our farms. We use a high-tech transplanting machine, ensuring precise spacing between our plants.


Nurtiment & Harversting

We only use organic methods to grow our plants. We nurture the soil with organic compost and natural fertilizers while maintaining soil health and fertility. When the plants are just one step before blooming, we harvest and collect them.


Stevia leaves drying

We use two methods of drying stevia leaves. If there is no moisture and the weather is still warm, the stevia leaves are dried under the sun, in tailor-made facilities. The most common drying method is in dry air ovens.


Sorting & Categorizing

The dry stevia leaves are thoroughly cleaned, then the stems are separated for reuse. Our dry stevia leaves are categorized depending on their quality and shape and get ready to be shipped to our clients.

At every step of the way, from sowing to categorization, we maintain strict adherence to industrial standards and best practices. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality stevia leaves to our clients, meeting and exceeding their expectations every time.

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