Food safety policy 

The policy of "S.S. STEVIA HELLAS" Cooperative is to distribute high-quality Stevia Leaves and Stevia from the point of view of quality and hygiene, supported by appropriate service, to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding customers fully.
Besides, the operations and products of the company must comply with all National and International Regulations concerning quality and hygiene, thus ensuring both the satisfaction and safety of consumers.
To achieve the above, the Management decided to develop and implement:
- Food Safety Management System according to ISO 22000:2018 for:  
Marketing and Packaging 
- Dried Stevia Leaves 
- Crystal Stevia 
- Pure Stevia 
By applying the above system, the company identifies and examines the quality and hygiene problems in all its processes and with the help of its executive’s studies and takes the necessary measures to solve them, so that they do not recur in the future. The company's management, through the implementation of documented procedures,  ensures: the excellent operational condition of the premises and processing equipment 
strict compliance with the safety standards for the products handled 
the training of staff 
the application of good industrial and hygiene practice 
compliance with the requirements of the legislation and the control authorities.  
By adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the 'S.S. STEVIA HELLAS' cooperative recognizes and rewards teamwork and individual effort invests in people, and respects the customer.
The "S.S. STEVIA HELLAS" cooperative has communicated this ef ort to all its Employees, Suppliers - Partners, and Customers and invites them to support its work. 
Panagiotis Koutras 
Vice Chairman of the Board & Food Safety Officer 
Date: 26-4-2021