Sustainability For ALL


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The Sustainability Action Plan is part of Stevia Hellas Cooperative’s (SHC) transformation “Sustainability for all” program which intends to accelerate the evolution of our Cooperative through sustainable, profitable growth that delivers value to our customers, farmers, shareholders, staff, communities and our planet.

We are strong believers that responsible consumption and production are fundamental to a sustainable, viable, and equitable future: We can only achieve this by increasing economic growth and people’s well-being while reducing the overconsumption of natural resources and restoring biodiversity



The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. The 17 SDGs are integrated that is, they recognize that action in one area will affect outcomes in others & that development must balance social, economic & environmental sustainability. We are active members of the initiative “” located in Greece spreading awareness & taking action on SDGs on national and international levels.


Our Farmers: They are our Cooperative's backbone; they are the owners while also being our suppliers of raw material

Our Employees: They are the ones that make operations, sales & business development possible

Our Suppliers: They are the ones whom we get what we need from & who deliver our products to our end customers

Our Customers: They are the ones that keep us going, to whom we are providing our high-quality & taste products

Community: They are our support & our partners. Currently 100% of our farmers & employees come from our local community


Main Goals

Sustainable Farming

Preserve & Reserve Biodiversity

Saving Water in Farming

Reducing Waste & Recycling at the Consumer , Farming and the Employee Level

Clean Energy


Main Goals

Rural Area Growth

Quality Education


Main Goals

Access to proper Education

Financial Empowerment

Cooperation in communities

Well Being & Fair Trade


Main Goals

Maintain a safe &  Comfortable Working Space

High compensation rates

Quality Education & Training

Women Empowerement


Main Goals

Enhance their well being through our sustainable products

Food Safety Food Quality & Taste

Food Security

Affordable Products


  • food security & safety
  • raise awareness
  • improve wellbeing
  • ensure high quality


  • sustainable farming
  • ethical production
  • organic cultivation
  • protect biodiversity


  • rural growth
  • build awareness
  • job opportunities
  • value chain


  • gender equality
  • quality education
  • viable income
  • safe workplace

Our Purpose

With a deep-rooted focus on eco-friendly practices, we at Stevia Hellas aim to create a harmonious balance between agricultural production and environmental preservation. By employing innovative farming techniques and sustainable methods, we try to ensure the production of high-quality Stevia but also contribute to the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. Embracing a holistic approach, we actively engage with local communities, empowering farmers and promote social responsibility.


our farmer's costs will be reduced by 50% by 2030, using IoT and Digi-Agri tools.


Our CAGR will be increased by 30% by 2030, through new investments in infrastructures, increasing our sales network & international presence


we will increase our stevia leaves production by 40 % in order to meet the rising demand of the market , by 2030