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In a world where environmental consciousness is crucial, Stevia Hellas Coop is proud to stand as a beacon of sustainability within the stevia industry. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is related to any field of our daily operations.

From responsible sourcing to waste minimization, every step we take is a testament to our dedication to preserving the planet for generations to come.


What do we do

to create a sustainable future for all

Stevia Hellas already applies principles of sustainable development and will gradually meet 15 of the 17 SDG Goals, with the main objectives being: raising the awareness of its consumers and producers of the environment, turning them into more sustainable options


Responsible Sourcing:

At the heart of our sustainability journey is the responsible sourcing of our stevia plants. We work closely with our farmers who share our values of organic and sustainable farming. By fostering partnerships that prioritize biodiversity and soil health, we ensure that our cultivation practices have a positive impact on local ecosystems and preserve the natural ecosystem and biodiversity.

Packaging Reduction:

Recognizing the environmental impact of packaging waste, we have embarked on a mission to minimize our packaging footprint. Our packaging materials are carefully chosen to be recyclable, and we're actively exploring options for biodegradable packaging. By reducing excess packaging and advocating for conscious consumption, we aim to contribute to a reduction in plastic waste.

Waste Minimization:

Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize waste generation at every stage. Any waste that is produced is carefully sorted and managed. In fact, we've implemented innovative approaches to repurpose certain waste materials into useful byproducts, showcasing our dedication to a circular economy. For instance, the stems and residues of our cultivations, are used for livestock feeding.

Energy-Efficient Operations:

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our operational practices. We invest in energy-efficient technologies and continually assess our energy consumption. By optimizing our operations, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also set an example for how businesses can operate responsibly in an energy-conscious world.

Positive Environmental Impact:

Our sustainability efforts have not gone unnoticed. In collaboration with local authorities, we have participated in creating energy-efficient communities in Central Greece. By integrating our operations with the local environment, we demonstrate that responsible business practices can lead to positive environmental outcomes.

Community Engagement:

Sustainability is a collaborative effort. We actively engage with our community through workshops, awareness campaigns, and educational programs. By sharing our knowledge and practices, we hope to inspire others to adopt eco-friendly habits and join us in building a more sustainable future.


As stewards of the environment, Stevia Hellas Coop remains unwavering in its commitment to sustainability. Our journey is not just about producing high-quality stevia products; it's about making a positive impact on the world around us. Through responsible sourcing, packaging reduction, waste minimization, and energy-efficient operations, we are paving the way for a greener, healthier, and more harmonious planet. Our hope is that our efforts inspire others to join us on this path toward a sustainable future.


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